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Yoga tutorials

for elementary schools…

For kids, age: 3>11

We give teachers free access to a series of online videos.


Our tutorials for pupils have been thought of as tools enabling teachers to experiment within their classroom how to include the body in the learning process for better efficience and well-being at school.


These yoga-based practices are simple, even if some of them require real attention.


The expected benefits of these poses are of three types:


• learning to focus attention

• learning to relax

• learning to energize


The experiment conducted with a class of 5th graders (year 6 class) at the Charpak elementary school in Bastia, Corsica in 2015/2016 showed us that these simple yoga poses could improve the pupils' mental posture.


We found that these pupils had become more receptive to learning, that their attention had deepened, and that they had acquired greater confidence and felt more at ease in the class.